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Exford King House as it looks today

Posted in Uncategorized by cheryljk on May 14, 2009

Exford King House as it looks in 2008


The very first part of Exford’s house was built aproximately in 1933.  I know because my name and the date can be seen in the concrete footings.  I would have been one year old.  We were living in Grandpa Xavier’s house. 

Dad was being paid 25 cents an hour laying cement for the new road.  He had a wife, four kids, and was building a house.  The floor joists came from an abandoned barn.  The vertical wall studs came from abandoned telephone crossbars.  (Recyling is nothing new). 

 His cousin, Father Moses Minnie, loaned him 800 dollars to complete the structure.  There were later additions on the right-hand side starting in 1940.  So, this is where I grew up.  My bedroom was near the left dormer window upstairs.  I lived there much of the time until 1953 when Uncle Sam grabbed me.

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  1. James Exford King III said, on August 26, 2010 at 6:55 pm

    hey my name is james exford king iii my father is james exford jr… and idk if u know any infor but i have never met my dad n have been searching for him for mad long if u have any information can u contact me asap thank you

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